Let’s Talk About It Podcast

Welcome to our new Let’s Talk About It podcast, where the founder of On A Dragonfly’s Wings, and host of this podcast, Kris Miller talks through ALL. THE. THINGS. Having real and open conversations is how we support people. Topics like mental health, mental illness, self-care, grief, addiction, eating disorders, and suicide are all things we don’t talk about. Why? Because they are hard conversations. We are breaking the stigma on this podcast and talking about all of these things and so much more. Join us in sharing your voice.

Special guests will help bring light to many tough topics that need more exposure. Check in here every other Monday for new episodes illuminating many important topics. First episode dropped in January 2024.

Take a listen to the very first episode where Kris tells her son’s story.

  • June is PRIDE month and what better way to kick off our podcast this month than to have a conversation with Abigail Rowe, the founder of Abigail's Pride. Abigail Rowe is an 18 year old now graduated Senior from Brandon High School. ¬†She came out as bisexual in November of 2020 and started Abigail's Pride […]
  • On this episode, we listen to Deegan's story. His mom, Lori Walton, shares her son, Deegan, with us – his amazing life and legacy. Deegan was a 17-year-old high school senior who took his own life this past October, 2023. His life was beautiful. His death has brought hard lessons to many. However, his legacy […]
  • For this episode we talk with Jerilynn Jacobson, owner of Giesken Counseling, LLC. As a grief certified professional, Jerilynn walks us through the grief process, reminding us that every single person grieves differently. In addition, she offers up some great advice for those who want to support a grieving person. We don't always know what […]
  • Self-care is critically important to our mental wellness. Self-care encompasses emotional, physical and spiritual health and looks and feels different for every single person. Yet, if it's so important, why do we as humans continue to put ourselves last? We have to make ourselves a priority. With Mental Health Awareness Month coming right up in […]
  • In this episode of Let's Talk About It, Josh Bowren, Executive Director of Media Network, gets real with conversation surrounding his 30+ year battle with anxiety. Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the U.S. and affect over 40 million adults, or 19.1% of the population. In addition, anxiety is reported in 1 […]